Webinar: NOVID, A New Approach to Pandemics

In the midst of #COVID19 #pandemic, besides taking a good care of yourself and keeping healthy distance, what’s another way to help us not getting sick? Learn more about NOVID, an application that goes beyond contact tracing and how it helps you and your loved ones stay safe in this webinar session.

Special thanks to the speaker and discussants for joining in this webinar

Speaker: Prof. Po-Shen Loh, Founder, NOVID. Professor of Mathematics, Carnegie Mellon University, USA.


– Dr. Nopporn Cheanklin, The Executive Director, Health Systems Research Institute (HSRI).

– Prof. Virasakdi Chongsuvivatwong, Professor in Epidemiology, Prince of Songkla University.

– Dr. Rungruang Kitpati, The Chairman of the Ministry of Public Health Intelligence Unit (MIU) Committee.

Moderator: Manit Sittimart, Project Associate, Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program (HITAP), Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), Thailand.

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