NYC to Require Restaurant Patrons to Show Vaccine Proof

Source: Bloomberg

Author: Stacie Sherman

Date: 3 August 2021

According to New York City’s mayoral executive order and a health department order, vaccination proof for workers and customers who entered indoor restaurants, gyms, and entertainment venues must be  regarded as an entrance pass. Due to the delta variant spreading, the NYC executive would like to encourage New Yorkers to be inoculated. This requirement will be set up on August 16,2021 with enforcement beginning September 13,2021. However, this policy will be confronted with  dissatisfied burden. If customers are asked to show the vaccination proof, they will prefer wearing masks. In addition, nearly one-third of sample groups would not get into the restaurants if they are asked to show proof of vaccination. To conclude, whatever the measure to urge people to get vaccinated, the vaccine is the way to reopen the economy again.

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