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20 September 2021

Entry protocol

1. Passengers must have an approved health travel authorization obtained at . The travel authorization is valid up to one day after the planned arrival date.
2. Passengers can retrieve their travel authorization at or airlines can verify the travel authorization using the tvalidator application available for download at or they can verify the authorization at
3. Passengers are subject to medical screening upon arrival.
4. Fully vaccinated travellers can enter Seychelles without quarantine. However, Fully vaccinated travellers arriving from Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Nepal or Pakistan are subject to quarantine for 7 days.
5.Travellers require a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours of departure.
6. Travellers must ensure that accommodation bookings are made only at licensed tourism accommodation establishment that have been certified by the Public Health Authority. Booking vouchers reflecting the entire duration of stay in Seychelles must be presented at the Immigration counter for verification. travelers without such a booking will be directed to another establishment that is certified.

Vaccine authorised to be used in the country

Moderna, Sputnik V, Oxford/AstraZeneca, BBIBP-CorV

Vaccine accepted for inbound travellers

All WHO approved vaccines

Border status

Partially open