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24 Aug 2021

Entry protocol

Travelers entering the country must complete an affidavit (link) and must show before boarding the plane, a negative molecular test (PCR), or negative antigen test or medical certificate of epidemiological discharge. The test results must be obtained no later than 72 hours before check-in. For domestic flights of the country, only an affidavit will be requested in which it is
required not to have symptoms of COVID-19 and to wear a face shield.

For Peruvians, resident foreigners, and non-resident foreigners entering Peruvian national territory, regardless of their country of origin,

  • In accordance with current health standards, passengers must submit a negative result from a molecular (within 72 hours) PCR or antigen test (within 24 hours) before boarding an incoming flight to Peru.
  • In lieu of a negative test, children under the age of 12 can produce a certificate of health given by a medical doctor.
  • All travellers must additionally fill out a health affidavit that available here. These requirements are subject to change, therefore we recommend contacting your airline days before your travel to acquire the necessary papers and checking the airport website for the most up-to-date information that available here.
  • Citizens of the United States who travel to Peru from the United States are not needed to quarantine upon arrival and may move directly to their final destination. Citizens of the United States who have traveled or transited through Brazil, South Africa, or India will be denied entrance to Peru.


  • Peruvian citizens (including dual nationalities) and permanent residents of Peru who have gone from or transited through Brazil, South Africa, or India must quarantine for 14 days in their house, accommodation, or isolated place until August 22, 2021.
  • Non-Peruvian citizens and non-permanent residents going from or transiting through Brazil, South Africa, or India are prohibited from entering Peru until August 22, 2021.
  • Travelers must cover the fees of COVID-19 testing and quarantine on their own.
  • Many places, including shopping centers, markets, supermarkets, department stores, and other crowded places, now require double facemasks.

Vaccine authorised to be used in the country

  • Pfizer-BioNTech
  • Sinopharm
  • Moderna
  • AstraZeneca
  • Sputnik

Border status

Open to travellers. The no-entry restriction still stands for foreigners non-residents coming in to Peru from (or have had layovers in) South Africa, Brazil and India.